Morphe 350 Palette and Swatches Review (First Impression)

Makeup enthusiasts have been waiting for the Morphe 350 eyeshadow palette, and it’s finally here! I have to admit I’m pretty excited as well. The neutral shades that make up the palette are suitable for everyday wear, whether you’re heading to the office or have a job where you have more creative freedom.It’s also pretty […]

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Silk’n Flash and Go Reviews

Making sure that your body is summer ready or your legs are in great shape for an upcoming formal event is often a matter of finding a safe and effective hair removal routine. The Flash and Go home hair removal device by Silk’n can help you get smooth, hairless skin in just minutes. Thinking about […]

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Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Nail and Foot File Review

If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your feet smooth and sandal-ready, you’ve likely heard of Amope’s Pedi Perfect.Amope offers a variety of products that keep your feet looking as though you just left the nail salon. These include the nail file moisturizer, the Amope foot file and refills so you can give […]

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Krav Maga for Self-Defense — The Basics

Krav Maga is a hand-to-hand, reality-based combat system. It is gaining popularity as a non-competitive self-defense training system. The practice involves a mix of jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, plus various survival, grappling, and fighting techniques. There are no rituals involved: The practice is built around instinctive moves and simple principles. Given that, Krav Maga […]

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Can Civilians Buy Body Armor?

Over the last few years body armor has grown in popularity just about everywhere in the world! Nowadays people in a range of job sectors are protecting their bodies from potential harm and risk while working. But it doesn’t stop there! One question that’s asked a lot in this industry is:“Can Civilians buy Body Armor in […]

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Places Not to Store Food During a Survival Situation

From natural disasters to extreme weather conditions, many people have experienced extreme survival situations. One of the biggest concerns is about how individuals are going to get food during these times. When you are preparing, what are some of the places where you should absolutely not store food?OutdoorsWhile you might think that an outdoor place […]

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Organizing your Shelter

In the survivalist community everyone knows the value of having a shelter prepared for extreme cases and natural disasters. Having a well-stocked, well-protected room underground (preferably) is not an easy thing to do since for most people collecting that many supplies in one spot and building something like that requires a significant investment.  One thing […]

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100 Items to Disappear First in an Emergency

The following is a list that has been floating around the internet forever of the 100 items that disappear first in an emergency. I came across it as a text file I had saved to my computer a long time ago and thought you might find it useful as a guide on preparedness. Generators (Good […]

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DIY Insect Repellants and Other Green Pest Control Tips

Pest control experts share that you don’t need harsh chemicals to prevent and control pests. In fact, natural pest control is an effective way to deter pests in a way that keeps your family, pets and the environment safe. When you practice them regularly, natural pest control techniques offer a great long-term solution that will […]

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